(Last update to this webpage was on 6 June 2024 11:00 PM CET )

Download the latest version of LCS Manager, now known as CSLOL Manager, from Github at

Version History

dc60dd118 May 2024add troubleshoot toolGithub
353986812 May 2024UpgradesGithub
bcef8f11 May 2024Vanguard FixGithub
86ba48810 January 2024fixes for patch 14.1Github
cb6885f17 September 2023Add tex magicGithub
f1ab1a311 August 2023Tooltip addedGithub
de86ce021 July 2023Pre-ReleaseGithub
dbf3eb927 June 2023Run as AdminGithub
e3a6aeb26 May 2023Fix PatternGithub
e3a6aeb-test21 May 2023Pre-ReleaseGithub
4dfcd853 April 2023This update is mandatoryGithub
c119c744 December 2022Github
a8bfd1028 August 2022Can now optionally only receive mandatory updates!Github
9563a9d27 August 2022Github
24dbedb25 August 2022wait for process to init fullyGithub
2c8e39724 August 2022Github
586bf8826 June 2022Github
a2b42eb23 June 2022add proper log file instead of dumping everything in a stringGithub
3725c2522 June 2022fix update urlGithub
b7a50333 April 2022fix major source of crashesGithub
6db45be27 January 2022wad 3.3 entry type 4 supportGithub
11.248 December 2021Fixes for 11.24
Mandatory update
11.22 (Fixed)30 October 2021Fix zero wad issues from pre-release.
Fixes for wad version 3.2.
This is mandatory update once 11.22(current pbe) hits live.
Fixes for black screen and crashes.
11.22 (Pre-Release)29 October 2021Fixes for wad version 3.2.
This is mandatory update once 11.22(current pbe) hits live.
11.20+6 October 2021Fixes pattern for 11.20+Github




If you’re experiencing any trouble with CSLOL Manager, join Skin Empire on Discord and we will try to help you fix the issues.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nRxqxBHjeu
Website: https://lolskinempire.com/

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